How It Works


As of July 20th, we added a base pay + cost-share opportunity to make earning through Ruoom Live easier. When you are part of the Ruoom Live family, either through the Ruoom software platform or by using the standalone service, our in-house video editing team will handle all your VoD video edits, so you don’t have to.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Ruoom partner with fitness instructors?

Ruoom Live is open to all fitness and wellness instructors (aka our Ruoom Live Pro-Users). If you would like to use Ruoom Live to host your digital content, you will need to fill out a W-9 or W-8BEN, provide proof of insurance for instruction, and digitally sign and accept our company Terms of Service and Merchant Agreement Terms for Ruoom Live.

Do I need to be a Ruoom software customer to become a Ruoom Live Pro-User?

No. While we offer Ruoom Live as part of our overall software platform to help fitness and wellness entrepreneurs promote and manage their businesses, you can use Ruoom Live as a standalone product.

Profits and Costs 

As a fitness instructor, do I have to pay to have my  VoD classes posted on the Ruoom Live platform?

No, there is no upfront cost to you for using the Ruoom Live platform on its own. Once the videos are posted, the base pay + cost-share structure described below will go into effect.

What is the base pay + cost-share structure?

Pro-Users will choose the base rate for their online content, in which 80% of the price will go to the Pro-User while 20% will go to Ruoom until such VoD class is taken down at the discretion of the instructor.

When do fitness instructors get paid?

Payouts shall be made every Monday post a security hold of 7 working days from the end of the week in which the livestream or VoD is delivered. Base payout will match with the weekly payout cycle. If the situation of revenue sharing arises before the first payout, both payouts will be combined.

I want to add Ruoom Live to my Ruoom software platform subscription. Does that cost extra?

Yes, adding Ruoom Live to your Ruoom software platform subscription will cost an additional $10/month. However, given the earning potential of a Ruoom Live VoD class, a Pro-User can easily recoup this cost with their base pay + cost-sharing revenue. The Ruoom Software pricing page can be found here.

Video Editing & Support

I am not good at editing videos, can you help?

Yes. Our in-house video editing team will handle all your video edits and provide a guide to assist in your video recording.

I would like to host a livestream as well as a VoD. How do I do so?

We are working hard to make a turn-key livestream option available to everyone. Please stay tuned for more updates. Thank you for your patience.

How does a customer access content?

All content will be available at where customers can sign-up, pay, and watch live stream or on-demand videos.

Can I promote my Ruoom Live events on my business’s website?

Yes! We encourage you to post links to all your Ruoom Live classes on your website to give your customers the option to attend your classes online or in-person.

I want to create a livestream and on-demand service like this for my business. Can you help?

Yes. We are available for consulting to recommend and implement options for your business needs. Please contact us at to discuss.

I have another question. Can you help? 

Please contact us at